Meet the Sirens!

Photo courtesy of Wolfgang Hasselmann

Sirens Life is a new iteration of the popular "Samhains Sirens" from a few years' ago. We're going year 'round with celebrations of the Pagan Wheel of the Year to bring our community joy during the changing of the seasons. Your sirens for the season are:

Alexis Kennedy (Sponsor)

Alexis Kennedy is the host and sponsor of Sirens Life. She is Witch, writer, and wildwood wanderer. She lives in the northeastern part of Maryland, USA with her amazing family and crazy cats. 

Her work life is in the adult learning and development field, and she runs a Facebook page, group, and website, "Bone Songs," as a way to give back to her spiritual community. She is an experienced Tarot reader and Totem hunter, both of which you can read about on her website.

Friend her up or reach out to for any questions you have regarding Sirens Life.

Find Alexis:
Website: Bone Songs
Facebook Page: Bone Songs
Facebook group: Bone Songs Myth & Magic

Silvia Aguayo

Silvia lives in New England and was trained in ceremonial magic, earth magic and Witchcraft in Salem, MA. She is also a trained herbalist and tarot reader.
She has also studied energy Healing and Reiki with 2 great teachers in MA

She has been practicing Witchcraft most of life. She has learned a modality of natural methods of energy healing that stem from her Cuban and Guatemalan roots.

Silvia is the Creatrix and spiritual midwife of Silvias.Spirits. She offers hand crafted spirit dolls created with light and guidance from the liminal realm. Each doll she creates is infused with energies derived from lunar and solar aspects, as well as from a variety of herbs, crystals and symbols to seal in in their magic.

All of her spirit dolls are unique. Custom requests are always welcomed.
Instagram: Silvias_Spirits

Vickie Clay

Vickie Clay is the mom of three handsome wildings, and wife to one sweet, bearded grump. She is a Libra, and self-proclaimed hippie, which explains why she loves calm and peace. She is a crocheter (and owner of Fluffybutt Fibres), a painter, and a musician (teaches piano and voice). She also loves to bake and can whip up some of the best chocolate chip cookies around. 

Vickie is the dog mom of one mini-doxie, and grandma to 4 grand dogs, and 1 grandnoodle (corn snake). She is a lover of learning and tries to learn something new each day. She just graduated with her Masters in Developmental Psychology and is finishing up her specialization in Clinical Research and Applied Gerontology. Vickie loves yoga, meditation, sound therapy, walking, and dancing feverishly in her kitchen.

Jayme Conner

Jayme is a yoga instructor and beekeeper living in coastal Georgia who feels like she is in a constant state of learning something new. When she’s not working at her day job, she enjoys discovering new adventures, being outdoors, gardening, cooking, reading, learning, and most importantly, spending time with her family.

Jayme is of British/Irish descent and has felt a connection to the Pagan path since she was a child and started to discover her own path as a young adult. She considers herself an Eclectic Solitary Witch who practices kitchen, hedge, and green witchery.

Sandi Crawford
Sandi is the Owner and Mistress of the Dark Arts and Crafts at Black Dahlia Boutiques. She has been a witch for over 30 years and has traveled all over the world learning, teaching, and connecting with various cultures and paths! Sandi’s personal magick is a unique blending of her various ancestral and spiritual lines including Celtic, Brujeria, and Hoodoo practices. 

Outside of magick she is passionate about gothic art, crafting, horror movies, event planning, and puppies!! Lots and lots of puppies shall be hers one day! Muahaha!

Find her on
Black Dahlia Boutiques

Samantha Curtin

Samantha (Sam) Curtin is an eclectic witch with a dark sense of humor, which she entwines into all her books. Her horror trilogy Summer’s Hollow, paranormal mystery novel Foreign Thoughts, and other short stories are all available on Amazon. Sam resides in the DC metro area with her two tiny humans, dog, husband, and a constant supply of coffee.

Follow Sam on Facebook and Instagram

Dawn Leith Dougherty

Dawn Leith Dougherty lives in rural North Carolina with her menagerie of stray fur children, dogs Bubbles and Smokey Bear, and a tiny black tailless (most likely lost during an epic battle) warrior kitty named Spooky. She also gave a forever home to a magnificently mustachioed human named Greybeard, who is a flute maker, a wand and pendulum maker, and magical being in his own right. 

She is a pagan who wears many eclectic hats depending upon her mood at the moment. She is a writer, gardener, and Reiki Master-Teacher who owns her own Etsy business, Tree Of Life Apothecary. She specializes in healing balms, oils, and salves, as well as energetic herbal incense supplies, a topic about which she wrote a book, “Sage Advice, A Practical Guide to Energetic Herbal Smudging, Cleansing, and House Blessing.” 

She and her husband, Greybeard, craft a few of their own herbal healing blends. They also love to cook up a bit of vegetarian kitchen witchery in the cauldrons at their affectionately named castle “Lair Of The Dude & Duddess,” sprinkling love, healing, and magic into everything they conjure! They can also be occasionally found working hard as well as frolicking at their favorite music and pagan festivals, making happy mischief!

Autumn Earthsong

Autumn Earthsong is a wife, mother, grandmother and a Witch! She’s been the Kitchen and Herb Witch for Samhain’s Sirens, The Sunday Stew and Imramma magazine for a few years now. Her Craft revolves around the kitchen, garden, hearth, altar, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. She feels Goddess blessed every day. Autumn is also a healer as a Master Reiki practitioner and she’s knowledgeable in herbalism and crystals for healing as well. Autumn is the founder of her Coven and you can find her blogging at Autumn is her favorite time of year as you may guess by her name, and she especially loves sharing her favorite seasonal recipes! She hopes you add them to your own recipe files and enjoy them!

River Eno

River Eno is a pagan witch with over three decades of practical experience. She has worked respectfully and with reciprocity and appreciation with Egyptian deities as well as Roman and Greek, always giving space to indigenous voices for understanding and learning. She is most drawn to the Germanic/Irish/Scottish gods of her heritage, but also considers herself a daughter of the Greek god Pan, who has been her patron god for many, many moons.

River has studied herbalism for nearly a decade, turning to homeopathic or herbal pathways to heal herself and her family, but also integrating with allopathic medicine when necessary. She blends her studies of occultism, natural healing and the gods to provide herself a balanced spiritual practice.
River is vegan. Her voice and activism for animals bled into environmental activism when the Earth became overburdened with human consumption. She became associated with Extinction Rebellion in 2018 donating money and time to the environment and its inhabitants.
River is the author of the the Urban Fantasy novels, "The Anastasia Evolution Series." She has short stories published in the Utter Speculation Anthology Series, "The Lost Colony of Roanoke" and "The Jersey Devil." Purchasable wherever ebooks and print books are available and through her website.

Her corporeal shell resides on the East Coast in one reality with her human family, while her brain travels to alternate realities daily. You can keep up to date with River by visiting her website: or following her @rivertheauthor on Instagram and Twitter.

Lynn Green

Lynn lives in North Carolina and is a Solitary Eclectic Witch. She practices many forms of divination but the Tarot is her favorite. She is a Reiki practitioner (level 2) and also loves to incorporate crystals into her healing work. Her chart is full of Aries fire, so to balance, you'll often find her in the woods and/or by some water.
She is a Mom of 1 fabulous young man and caretaker of a mischievous skeleton named Roy, who is the life of the party!


When Lynn isn't working or creating Enchanted Wreaths, she is volunteering for the Share Co-Op, an organization that is working to build grocery stores in the food deserts in the community.

Johanna Lawson

Johanna Lawson is a longtime solitary-practicing witch. She has authored a blog, Village Wise Woman, that documented her journeys on the Pagan path, through the changing seasons of her magical garden, and through the life of her small Pagan family. She hopes to revive her blog in the near future. As a writer, her work has been included in several Pagan anthologies, including Pagan Writers Presents-Samhain and Pagan Writers Presents-Yule (Pagan Writers Press, 2011) as well as Paganism 101: An Introduction to Paganism By 101 Pagans and Naming the Goddess (Moon Books, 2014). Her work has also been featured in Circle Magazine (Spring, 2012).

Johanna is a certified Master Gardener and was a monthly contributor to the Delaware County Master Gardener Newsletter with a column entitled “Plant Lore and Legend”. She is also a budding herbalist, growing and harvesting her own herbs and flowers for use in both her magickal and medicinal cabinets. Her home gardens are certified as Pollinator and Backyard Wildlife Habitats. She is also an activist, fiercely defending the environment and nature through her work with and support of such organizations as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she currently lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband, son and two cats, surrounded by her magical garden and a diverse “village” of family, friends and garden dwellers. She is a self-proclaimed “beach bum”, having spent many Summers at the Jersey Shore and hopes to return there permanently someday soon.
Johanna’s blog, Village Wise Woman, can be found at:

Kourtney Leaf
Kourtney Leaf is a Solitary Eclectic Witch who makes her home in Colorado. She is the proud wife to an amazing man and spends her days trying to keep up with their two daughters. She has always been attracted to the path. Even as a little girl she would read witchcraft books and try to call the elements, not really aware of what it was she was trying to accomplish. As she matured she began to understand what it meant to be a witch and began her path in a little park in Killarney Ireland. Years later her spirituality would play a key role in saving her sanity while caring for a NICU baby. That was 18 years ago, and while her path changes and evolves, it is still saving her sanity today. Kourtney also has a very creative side, and finds a kind of calm in the chaos when working on any number of her projects. Jewlery, quilting and crochert are just a few of her many creative outlets. 

You can find her witchy wares in her Etsy shop Cordelia's Charms.

Ciel Luciole

Ciel Luciole is the Founder and Priestess of The Starspun Grove and its associated tradition, The Starspun Path. She is also the Witch behind her Facebook page, The Witch of the Starspun Woods, where she offers Crystal Oracle readings and crafts intuitive/custom crystal bundles designed specifically for the individual and their needs. Residing in NE Ohio she shares her life with two sassy black felines and is known in her community for her irreverent nature and willingness to speak her mind.

Find Ciel on her Facebook Page,
or on her Instagram Profile

Renee Sosanna Olson

Returning Siren, Renee Sosanna Olson. is an artist and advocate living in Seven Springs, North Carolina on the banks of the historic Neuse River. She is married and business partner to Elijah and they own and operate @Ethereal Grind, a local home-based business where they sell art and ritual magical supplies. Many of her creations are directly related to the goddess.

Renee joined the Covenant of Hekate in 2012 and completed the requirements for Torchbearer in 2014. In 2019 she took on the role of Keybearer and began her journey into the middle path. She is a certified crystal healer, intuitive, wellness counselor and reader. You can find her offering her services on her website Neuse River Witch As she works to get more in touch with Hecate, she also looks to bring the five virtues into her daily life and has a commitment to be a source of kindness and positive to all she encounters.

Find Renee:
Hecate Blog - By Her Fires
Neuse River Witch - Facebook
Ethereal Grind - Facebook

Christine Pinder
Christine Pinder is an eclectic witch living in Delaware with her husband and fur babies. Her adult children are out in the world doing all the things. She is a NR-EMT who volunteers and works part time. She is also a wee bit insane and going through the classes to become a firefighter to compliment her EMT training and make her more of an asset in the field. She spends her spare time reading, trying to grow new things in her garden and creating things edible and not.

Rowan Sliger

A native of San Francisco, Rowan practices her Craft in coastal North Carolina and walks the beach whenever clarity and focus are needed. A Celtic hedgewitch, she is most at home in the kitchen, the garden or in her workshop creating all manner of herbals and pretty things.
Rowan also runs 3 online shops and handles the marketing and accounting for her partner's contracting business. When not working or creating,
Rowan spends time with her partner and their three fluffy children (2 German shepherds and a Corgi who thinks he's a shepherd), remodeling their home, planning the new garden or kayaking when North Carolina weather cooperates.

Jaye Todd

Jaye is an Irish solitary eclectic wise woman. Born in Ireland she moved to the south coast of the U.K. at a young age but always maintained a strong connection with her Irish roots while following an earth based practise and takes each day as an opportunity to learn something new.
She runs The Gaeilge Moonchild website and is also a very keen crafter, using mainly recycled materials. Her shop Magikal Moon has a selection of handmade dream snares, mojo bags, witches balls, cardboard sculptures and paper crafts to name just a few.

You can find her:

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