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13 Days of Samhain- Day 5


Photo courtesy of Elena Mozhvilo

Welcome to Day 5 of our Samhain Celebration!

The Winner of yesterday's Wisdom Mojo Bag from Black Dahlia Boutiques is....

Becky Harman!


Today's Music Selection: Mordred's Lullaby, Heather Dale

submitted by Rowan Sliger

Today's Article: Samhain Workings with Alexis Kennedy

Samhain- what a magical time of year! We Pagans and Witches are a happy lot when the weather turns cool and the pumpkin spice turns up! But, the weeks leading up to Samhain aside, Samhain is a holy time for us. The veil between the world is thin, and we feel the connection to our ancestors so deeply. There are traditions we create and those we uphold. Here are a few of the traditional spells and workings done on Samhain:

Speaking of pumpkin spice, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves open up the psychic channels, allowing us to better communicate with our gods/nature/universe/higher self. Vanilla for the gods, pumpkin for the earth, cinnamon for protection, and nutmeg for prosperity. So, next time someone calls you a "Basic Witch," you just smile and thank them. You know what power it holds!

Cutting open an apple sideways will reveal a pentagram.  Plant each half at your front and back door to bring prosperity in the coming year.

Apples and honey with cream are a great Samhain offering for your ancestors. On many a Samhain, I've left them as a part of my feast, and have always found that this was the most popular item on the menu, as evidenced by a "fingerprint" left in the mixture. Christian Day has a great book on this entitled, "The Witches Book of the Dead." 

Divination is a huge part of Samhain activities, as that thin veil really helps your psychic abilities. Tarot, Runes, Ogham, are all great tools to help you.

Feeding hungry ghosts- while many of us have a "Dumb Supper" to feed our loved ones, there are, according to tradition, ghosts who have no descendants or living family to feed them. If you're like me, you set a table outside to feed any spirits who are passing by that might need sustenance. I try to supply not just cream and honey, but bread, candy, fruit, soup, etc. Tradition states that by doing so, you are not only giving a kindness, but assuring protection and blessings from the other side.

For many of us, this is the "Witches New Year." I don't ascribe to this belief, as I believe there is a "Time Between the Times" from Samhain through Yule. This is where the veil is thin, our ancestors commune, and we have quiet times of reflection and introspection to cement the lessons learned over the previous year(s). Samhain is a great time for welcoming and honoring our deceased relatives and friends,  I highly recommend carrying black salt with you, to ensure that you don't pick up "attachments" during this time.

Here is one from Judika Illes's book, The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells." 

"Love Oracle(13) Halloween Daphnomancy":
1. Sit before a low but steady fire in the fireplace (on Samhain/Halloween). Gaze into the flame.
2. Focus on your beloved or on your desires. Formulate your question.
3. Have a small supply of bay leaves at hand. Without taking your eyes off the fire and your mine from your desire, toss a small handful of these bay leaves into the fire.
4. Chant: Laurel leaves that burn in fire, draw me to my heart's desire.
5. Once the flames die down, repeat again for a total of three repetitions.
If the flames shoot up, or the leaves crackle and pop, you've received auspicious signs: your wishes will be fulfilled. However, quiet leaves and dim flames counsel patience or perhaps a change of plans."

What traditions do you uphold during Samhain? Feel free to share in the comments.
Samhain blessings to you and yours!

Today's Cocktail: Black Magic Martini with Rowan Sliger

2 oz black vodka (or clear vodka and 1 single drop of black food coloring)
2 oz pomegranate juice
1 orange juice
a few cubes of ice
½ tsp of dry ice (for effect, DO NOT CONSUME)
martini glass (chilled)

In a shaker, place the vodka, pomegranate and orange juices and ice together (and food coloring if you’re using it) and shake for 15-20 seconds. Add dry ice to the empty martini glass and strain the shaker over the dry ice. Pretty and delicious.

Today's Recipe: Three Sisters' Soup with Rowan Sliger

Three Sisters Soup

I love this soup because not only is it simple, delicious and versatile, but the ingredients are “sisters” in the garden, grown together to help each other thrive. It’s a wonderful dish to make as the weather finally turns colder, and the idea of success through support from family (even if it’s a garden family) makes me immensely happy.

6 cups chicken or vegetable stock
16 oz canned corn (hominy can be used too, it’s a more traditional ingredient)
16 oz canned kidney beans, drained and rinsed 
1 small onion, chopped
1 butternut squash, baked and cut in to cubes
½ tsp ground sage or 3 sage leaves
½ tsp curry powder

In soup pot, bring your stock to a boil. 

Add in the corn (hominy), kidney beans and onion and put on a low boil for 15 minutes.

Stir in the squash, sage and curry powder. When soup is at a boil again, turn down to simmer and cook for 30 minutes. 

Turn heat off and let settle for 5 minutes before serving. 

A bit of background. The Three Sisters Soup recipe is a traditional Native American recipe from the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) nation. The term “Three Sisters” refers to the three main crops of some North American tribes: maize (corn), squash, and beans. The three plants were planted close together and like close sisters, aided one another in their respective growing processes.  The first sister — beans — takes nitrogen from the air and uses it to keep the other sisters healthy. The next sister — corn — grows tall stalks that the beans can climb, holding the plants together. And the last sister — squash — grows big leaves that cover the ground, keeping weeds from growing and making the ground moist. The spiny squash also keeps away any animals that would eat the sisters.

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We must have your name and email address in order to notify you that you have won. You may enter it in the comments, or you may enter it here, for privacy. We do not share your information with any outside source, and only use it for the purposes of giveaways.

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That's it for today!

We hope you enjoyed. See you tomorrow!


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